Our Vision and Mission


Winstars Vision

To provide a first class soccer academy program that develops first class soccer players. We are committed to the development and placement of our individual players. We are dedicated to total player development and offer our academy players a most comprehensive program that will help our player turn his dream into a reality.

Winstars Mission Statement

To offer an academy program for elite youth soccer players that is recognized for excellence in academic achievement and athletic success. To promote each member player of our program with effective leadership and guidance towards the fulfillment of personal goals and the realization of reaching one's highest potential as a student-athlete, soccer player and as a person.

Winstars Philosophy

Our Program

Commitment to player development as the foundation of our philosophy.

Commitment to the players. Treat players fairly and respectfully. Excellence in coaching and our support staff.

Provide positive leadership, mentoring and role models for our players.

Instill a good work ethic and a sense of personal responsibility towards each player's own development.

Instill a dedication to teamwork and a sense of loyalty to our academy among players, parents and coaches.

Provide a balanced perspective on the soccer experience for all the academy players.

Winstars Soccer Academy Objective – Focus on Player development

Winstars Standards

3 Training Sessions per week, and at least a 3 to 1 ratio of training to games.

We only will play meaningful games and based on the ratio above as well we will play quality opposition.

In our Academy, all players will play fairly and be treated equal, all will share the positive experience and share time. All Academy players are important to us.

Discipline and Respect and Sportsmanship are very important in our academy. We will not tolerate swearing or poor sportsmanship from Players or Parents or Coaches.

Winstars Framework

All of our Players must play a fair amount in games.

Playing up is highly encouraged in our program.

Club Soccer and High School Soccer are permitted in our academy program.

Each of our Training sessions and games will have an athletic therapist on duty for the safety of our academy players.

We have a low ratio of coaching instructor to players so it maximizes player development.

In our Academy Player development is Paramount and we want to teach the game and develop the individual player, winning takes a back seat to development at the younger ages. Learning and having fun is key.

We have a Strength and Conditioning Coach in our program.

Academic Component of our Program

SAT Test preparation for our student athletes, Instructor is a Professional.

Importance of Education and encouragement of our student athletes to do well in school as it will open up more avenues for them in their University search.

Educate the Players and Parents on Sports Psychology, Nutrition, Sportsmanship and conduct of the Player and Academy on and off the soccer field.


We train in the best environment for a high level and elite soccer player. We do all our training at the Adidas Field, at 8100 27 Hwy, Woodbridge, Ontario.

Showcasing our Academy Players

Each Player in our Academy has a Player Profile.

We have an Annual Showcase Tournament at the Soccer Centre where we get close to 100 NCAA Division 1, 2, and 3 Coaches as well as NAIA Coaches and our Canadian University Collegiate Coaches from all over Canada, as well as the Community College Coaches from the USA and Canada.

We travel to the USA and have an annual summer tour where we play USA Universities and get tours of these Universities and the athletic facilities.

We go to USA Tournaments that are challenging and where our players will be showcased.

Track Record

The Winstars Soccer Academy has an excellent reputation in North America and is welcomed to very prestigious events, competitions and Universities. Our record is second-to-none in Canada for placement of student athletes at fine Universities in the USA as well as assisting players to become Professional Soccer Players.

The Winstars Way – Academy Philosophy and Expectations

The Philosophy of our Academy is primarily focused on developing players to the best of their ability.

Players must bring all the equipment /clothing provided by the academy to every training session and game. Clothing must be clean and players Soccer Boots have to be polished, as well players have to have Shirts tucked in and Socks up as well it is mandatory that our Players wear Shin pads in training and games (safety of the Players and rules of the game). We want to present a professional image and environment.

Practices are mandatory, We are a serious program, so we expect full attendance. Players must realize this is not recreational soccer, our training will be of the highest level of elite and developmental training that will be provided anywhere in our Country.

Players must conduct themselves with Class and Dignity both on and off the Soccer Field. Players must give 100% all of the time in Training and of course in the game. We will not allow or tolerate swearing in our program. We put respect first over results.

Players must work together with all teammates and be supportive at all times. The Winstars Soccer Academy believes the development of Character to be just as important as the development of Soccer Skills. This is a "Team" sport and that always has to be remembered.

We are so much more than a Soccer Academy, The Winstars Way is about teaching life skills that will help our students/players and young men be able to meet the challenges of Adult Life in the Future. Done!

Bobby Graham, Academy Director