Bryan Majuni

Personal Information
Graduation Year: 2021
Center Back

Address: 380 Lady Nadia Dr
City: Maple
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: L6A 4E8
Country: Canada
Phone #: (905) 417-7330

Personal Strengths & Goals:

 I am a player with clear vision for the game and my leadership skills on the field allow me to impact the players, in both offensive and defensive positions. I have a high IQ for the game which allows me to be very versatile on the field. My versatile abilities and precise passing gives me the opportunity to have a great impact on the game. My attitude and leadership allow me to have a positive attitude around my teammates. My experience and IQ for the game allows me to consistently make the right decisions that put me and my team in the best positions to succeed.  I have the athletic ability and stamina to strive in any game environment.
 My goal is to acquire a credible degree in business and play soccer competitively at the university level. I wish to complete a degree in business and play soccer competitively simultaneously.


Athletic Information: Academic Information:

Date of Birth: December 12, 2003
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 150 lbs
Years Playing: 10 Years
Dominant Foot: Right
Primary Position: Center Back
Secondary Position: Center Defensive Midfielder
Years of Rep Soccer: 8 Years

GPA: 80%
SAT: n/a

References: Accomplishments:

Bob Graham
Phone: (905) 265-1285

- 2019 McGarrigle Cup finals champions
- 2019 Finalist in YRAA cup (High School)

Other Athletic Activities: Highlight Videos

- High School Basketball Team
- High School Frisbee Team
- High School Soccer Team

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