Jonathan Assad

Personal Information
Graduation Year: 2021
Central Midfielder

Address: 162 Cannes Ave
City: Vaughan
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: L4H 8A5
Country: Canada
Phone #: (437) 991-9669

Personal Strengths & Goals:

Strengths:  I am a hardworking, committed, and trustworthy player that always has a positive outlook on life. I Am very competitive and like to work hard around players with a similar vision as me. My  athleticism takes me a long way in sports, and my knowledge of the game as well as my vision allow me to be clinical. I think the most important thing for me is my ability to adapt to any position, while giving it a hundred percent effort.
Goals: Since I am a student athlete, time management and balance are 2 things I need in my day to day life. I maintain a balance between academics and athletics while volunteering and doing extracurricular work. I am hoping to go in to a health sciences program, and pursue my goal of medicine, while playing the sport I love most.


Athletic Information: Academic Information:

Date of Birth: November 9, 2003
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 165 lbs
Years Playing: 13 Years
Dominant Foot: Right
Primary Position: Central Defensive Mid
Secondary Position: Winger
Years of Rep Soccer: 6-7 Years

GPA: 84% - Grade 11
90% - Grade 12
SAT: n/a

References: Accomplishments:

Bob Graham
Phone: (905) 265-1285

Wilson Hugo

Bob De Klerk

Silvano Rocca

David Benning
Phone: 1-416-886-5530 

- 2015 Future Academy Top Scorer
- Glen Shields Open Tryouts 1/20
- St. Michael’s College School Cisaa Champs
- St. Michael’s Team Top Scorer Grade 9
- St. Michael’s Team Top Scorer Grade 10
- WSC McGarrigle Cup Finalists

Other Athletic Activities: Highlight Videos

- Middle school Track and Field
- Middle School Basketball
- Middle School volleyball
- Middle School Cross country