Evan Zizek #1

Personal Information

Graduation Year: 2020

Address: 15 Black Duck Trail
City: Nobleton
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: L7B 0A3
Country: Canada
Phone #: 647-828-8527 or 647-828-8522
Email: s.h.zizek@rogers.com

Personal Strengths & Goals:

To attend an upstanding College or University on a scholarship. Willing to put forth a lot of effort and perserverence to achieve goals and accomplish tasks, detail oriented, organized, dedicated to commitments.

Athletic Information: Academic Information:

Date of Birth: March 19, 2002
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 145 lbs
Years Playing: 11 Years
Dominant Foot: Right
Primary Position: Goalkeeper
Secondary Position: Right Midfielder
Years of Rep Soccer: 3 Years

GPA: 3.8
SAT: n/a

References: Accomplishments:

Bob Graham
Phone: (905) 265-1285
Email: winstarssoccer@bellnet.ca

Julian Carr - Centennial College Coach

Not available at this time.

Other Athletic Activities: Highlight Videos

King City High School Soccer Team

2016 Showcase Player Highlight Video