Guest Speakers at Showcase Banquet


Bill Boyle – Head Coach Niagara University

Mitch Ellisen – Head Coach St. Francis University at Ft. Wayne



Showcase 2017 - December 14 & 15


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For University Coaches attending our Showcase


Each Coach that registers prior to our showcase tournament will receive a package when they receive with rosters from all teams, schedule and gifts as a token of appreciation for coming to our showcase event at the Holiday Season.

Gifts are Canada Scarf / Canada Pen Set / Canada 150 Mug or Expresso Cup / Assortment of MLS Canadian Team toques – your choice when you arrive



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University Coaches will be able to help themselves to Food and beverages served all day on both days. We will have excellent Italian Food.

As a coach, you can start the day with an espresso on the second floor at Trio when you register for the showcase. There will be a room for College Coaches only where you will pick up your package which includes: information on all teams, team rosters, academic information, Schedule for both days.

Breakfast (7:30 – 9am): Full breakfast including: Bacon and Eggs or Sausage, Toast, and Orange juice

Lunch (noon - 2pm): served on both days. It includes: Pasta, Chicken, Salad, Vegtables, Veal and Potatoes.

Our Complimentary Gift of new book on Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho will be given out at registration to all registered Coaches.

The first 100 College coaches to register online will get a copy of 'My Turn – A Life of Total Football' in their package. On Friday morning we will hand out at 9am to all coaches in attendance.

The Winstars 2017 Boys Collegiate 13th Anniversary Showcase

Thursday December 14 and Friday December 15 2017

Showcase Forms and Links

2017 Showcase Roster Form

2017 Showcase Rules

2017 Showcase Game Sheet

2017 Soccer Video Order Form

Map to Trio SportsPlex

Best Teams – highest level of competition
Best Facilities – Trio Sportsplex
Best Referees – highest standard of Officiating
Best Organization – proven track record for first class showcase events
Best Attended – most College Coaches viewing games than any other showcase event in Canada

Teams In Our 2017 Showcase

Director - Bobby Graham  

(905) 265-1285 

Director Jeff Hackett

(416) 571-6357

High Profile Soccer

Director Paul Martin 

(416) 704-4776


 Director - Bobby Graham  


(905) 265-1285 


Director – Scott Middlemass






Director - David Manning      


x 299


Hi Profile Soccer Academy
High Profile Soccer

We are very excited to have Paul Martin program in our annual showcase for the first time.  The Martin Family has done so much for soccer in Ontario, all starting with his Dad, the late Sturgeon Martin, who was very well known as a Coach and Referee with the Scarborough Soccer Association. Paul and Brent carry on the efforts and dedication to the game that their Dad had done so much to mentor our youth and everyone in Scarborough were very familiar with the Martin Family. Our Tournament is very happy to have Paul and his Team in the event and look forward to helping many of their players to get showcased and as well play some good soccer.  As well remember good people who built the game in this country like Sturgeon Martin. We thank the Martin Family and Hi Profile Football Program.

Hi Profile History & Bio

Paul Martin
Tel: (416) 704-4776
Hi Profile FP:

The late Sturgeon Martin
The late Sturgeon Martin
A Great Friend of Scarborough Soccer

Next Gen USA

Next Gen USA is a player centric, values based organization dedicated to meeting developmental needs with programming excellence. The players attending will be from the NGLA (Next Gen Leadership Academy)

Scott Middlemass
NGLA Technical Director
Twitter - @Middlemassscott
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CIS is a collection of players from the Conference of Independent School Athletic Association based primarily in the Greater Toronto Area. The league consists of 10 teams and we have players from 4 of the league teams for this event. Over the years, the league has produced numerous USport and NCAA players. Programs will be happy to see an intriguing balance of Athletic Ability and Academic prowess with our players, and this should bode well for future success.

David J. Manning
St. Andrew's College
905-727-3178 x 299

Global Satellite Soccer Academy

Jeff Hackett is an excellent Coach and one of my best friends in Soccer. Having known him for many years and coached against his Teams, he does a great job and is one of the good guys in the game of soccer in Ontario.  He has supported my academy showcase since it started and has always been there to support in every and any way.  I look forward to this year event and playing his team, you always know you are in for a good game when you play Jeff’s Team and his Academy.   

Global Satellite Soccer Academy strives to meet the specific developmental demands of each individual player in our programs, notwithstanding their age or ability. Global Satellite Soccer Academy provides a superior training environment that fosters the development of the player through skill acquisition, critical thinking and problem-solving in match play and in life.

Director: Jeff Hackett
(416) 571-6357


Showcase Tournament Thursday December 14 and Friday December 15th

Each Game 2 X 40 minute halves with 5 minute half


Download Schedule here

The charge for the showcase tournament is $2500
3 full games – 2 x 40 minute halves and it is
a 9v9 showcase tournament


School Teacher and Principal Letter for our showcase tournament


Here is the letter to provide your Teacher and Principals. For the most part we have not had any issues in our 12 years, however it is best to work with the teachers to support you if you have to change time of final test etc., this way there will be no surprises.

It is also important to make them feel part of what you are trying to do as this is an academic endeavor as well as soccer matter. This is for your future and education is key in what we all are trying to accomplish.

If you have any questions in regards to this, give me a call and we will be posting our schedule this week on our website as well as sending it out to everyone.

Excited about our 13th annual showcase tournament!

Bobby Graham - Academy Director

Player Letter to give School Teacher and Principal about our Collegiate


The Winstars 2017 Boys Collegiate 13th Anniversary Showcase

Best Teams – highest level of competition
Best Facilities – Trio Sportsplex
Best Referees – highest standard of Officiating
Best Organization – proven track record for first class showcase events
Best Attended – most College Coaches viewing games than any other showcase event in Canada

Trio Sportsplex

Trio Sportsplex - 601 Cityview Blvd., Vaughan, ON

Map to Trio Sportsplex



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Winstars Exclusive Video Producer

Happy to announce that International Productions of Woodbridge will be our exclusive Video Producer of the filming of our showcase games. Creative Director and Producer Greg Riccio Jr. does excellent work and we have had him work at our previous showcase tournaments and all Teams and Players and Families were very satisfied with International quality of work and production. Video is the best tool available for promoting our players for Collegiate and Professional opportunities.

From someone who has been in the soccer industry for 34 years, two most important costs that come before anything else if you want your Son / team to get a scholarship.

(1) Video Production – Professional – not Parents trying to do their best with camera
(2) SAT Test Prep – most important

I highly recommend Greg, his company is first class and he is excellent at what he does and if you split up the cost of the production amongst all the Parents/Players, it is the best investment you can make.

International is our exclusive videographer. No other company will be allowed to video our academy showcase.
We welcome International Productions and look forward to Greg and his Staff being part of our great event in December.

Any questions feel free to contact me and even better, contact Greg at his cellular or office (905-264-1996).
Best regards, Bobby

Winstars Showcase Tournament 2017 Video Order Form

Greg Ricci Jr.

Greg Riccio Jr.
Creative Director and Producer
International Productions
905.264.1996 (OFFICE)
647.273.1996 (CELL)





Winstars Showcase Banquet Wednesday December 13, 2017



1 Ticket - $100.00

2 Tickets - $200.00

3 Tickets - $300.00

10 Tickets - $1000.00


We ask each of our families to purchase 3 tickets to support our showcase

Showcase Banquet Tickets Wednesday December 13, 2017

Dinner Banquet will be held Wednesday December 13, 2017 at
Chateau Le Jardin - 8440 Highway 27, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A5
For Directions & Map Click Here



Boys Collegiate Showcase 2017

Team registration for invited Teams to participate in our Showcase 2017

December 14 & 15, 2017
Fee Per team $2500.00

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Dallas Video Reel Winstars vs UAB Birmingham Winstars vs Colorado Storm Winstars vs Lonestars Austin

Games from FC Dallas Showcase - March 3-5, 2017

Friday March 3, 2017 - Winstars U19 Boys vs Colorado Storm South 99-98B Academy

Saturday March 4, 2017 - Winstars U19 Boys vs Lonestars SC 98B Red – Austin

Game vs. UAB in Birmingham, Alabama / March 2017 Spring Tour


Senior Video Highlight Junior Video Highlight

2016 Showcase and Banquet Photos

We presented Mike Getman , Head Coach of University of Alabama at Birmingham , an award for outstanding support for our program over the past many years as well we presented his Assistant Coach Joel Wallace and also gave award for his other longtime assistant Justus Griffin.

We presented Mike Getman, Head Coach of University of Alabama at Birmingham, an award for outstanding support for our program over the past many years as well we presented his Assistant Coach Joel Wallace and also gave award for his other long time assistant Justus Griffin.

Mike Getman is a Class Act and has done so much for University Soccer in the USA as a Coach. We value his friendship.

The awards were presented by our Senior Academy Captains William Goddard and Ethan Vigario.

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Highlight Reel from December, 2016 Showcase

Guest Speaker Michael Di Biase has been added to the Showcase Dinner

Winstars Video Reel



Our showcase is held in the City of Vaughan, known as the City above Toronto.

Highlight Reel Showcase 2015 Video - December 2015