Bernardo Xavier Alvarado- Bertolatti

Personal Information

Graduation Year: 2018

Address: 50 Amaranth Crescent
City: Brampton
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: L7A 0L4
Country: Canada
Phone #: (905)-452-6324

Personal Strengths & Goals:

Excellent reflexes and high diving skills,I am very confident going 1 v 1 against the oppositions striker. Also, I am very brave and will do anything to keep the ball out of the net for the good of my team. Furthermore, I am very vocal and control my 18 yard box with a high level of effectiveness, I demonstrate various leadership qualities on and off the field. I work very hard in every training session so i can be a better, and smarter player every time I step onto a soccer field.

My goal is to develop in the NCAA level as a student-athlete on a scholarship, while being successful developing my skills as a criminal lawyer. With the goal of advancing onto the professional level.


Athletic Information: Academic Information:

Date of Birth: December 21, 2000
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 181 lbs
Years Playing: 7 Years
Dominant Foot: Right
Primary Position: Goalkeeper
Secondary Position: Midfielder
Years of Rep Soccer: 3 Years

GPA: 75%
TOTAL: 1160
MATH: 540

References: Accomplishments:

Bob Graham
Phone: 1-905-339-8625

-2015 USA Cup finalist
-2014 woodbridge classic finalist
-2014 woodbridge classic MVP
-2015 Hershey 6V6 champions
-2013 B.W.A.A champions

Other Athletic Activities: Highlight Videos